The New Mission

The New Mission

At Mission Lago Farms, our passion and obligation to the industry has always started and ended with the plant. From the beginning, as pioneers to the artisanal hemp flower industry, we took great pride in providing organically grown high quality flower through every step from cultivation through harvest.

From choosing the right genetics, to creating living organic soils through amendments and all the way through the terpene focused harvest processes our goal was to produce the best commercially grown organic hemp in flower in the world.

We took great pride in providing a clean organic option to cannabinoid health and wellness for the non thc users. This was in obligation to our consumers, as well as, to protect and encourage growth in the CBD health and wellness industry.

We have now decided to take that passion a few steps further by offering even more exciting and responsibly produced products for our customers' betterment in quality of life. Our new line is set to satisfy all the different options for the CBD and natural cannabinoid user.

Mission Lago Farms is happy to finally announce our full line of hemp products! Mission Lago Farms, has taken the same passion and commitment to the hemp flower industry to now produce several lines of products as we expand our brand. We look to expand further into the cannabinoid health and wellness space by offering even more beneficial cannabinoids and innovatively formulated products to our valued consumers. Mission Lago Farms look forward to our new line products being able to bring even more cannabinoid health and wellness options to our customers. We sincerely hope you enjoy our: 

  • Nutritious medicated honey,
  • Organic teas
  • Several pre-roll options
  • Natural tinctures
  • Flavored tinctures
  • Award winning flower 

We are excited to provide our cannabinoid using family with even more affordable yet effective options when it comes to cannabinoid health and wellness. We promise our customers to take the same pride that we took in our flower production to ensure responsibly formulated cannabinoid options. We also are excited to release even further natural cannabinoid options which will eventually include CBG and CBN and tasty gummies. Mission Lago Farms really appreciates your support through our journey into this new arena and truly appreciate your continued and new business! We hope you enjoy the Mission Lago Farms difference!