Oregon Wildflower CBD Infused Honey

Mission Lago Farms Oregon Wildflower CBD Infused Honey with glass jar full of honey

What is Mission Lago Farms CBD Infused Honey?

Mission Lago Farms Oregon Wildflower CBD Honey is an infused CBD honey made from 2 of the Pacific North West’s finest offerings – artisanal CBD and Oregon Wildflower honey. We have taken Oregon’s finest organic raw honey and infused it with Mission Lago Farms CBD to form a sweet, floral forward tasting treat that is perfect for any occasion. To make this CBD Infused Honey even better, our Mission Lago Farms Oregon Wildflower CBD Honey packs in 400 mg of CBD in every bottle to maximize its’ CBD health and wellness benefits. This CBD Honey is a Full Spectrum CBD Honey that also contains many additional beneficial cannabinoids for its’ user such as cbg and cbn. With its’ incredibly satisfying floral notes and calming effects, we think this is the CBD honey choice for any CBD or honey enthusiast.  

What are the benefits of Mission Lago Farms CBD Infused Honey?

Mission Lago Farms Infused CBD Honey is truly a nutritional treat for its’ consumer that offers the best in CBD benefits. With both the best of natural honey and organic CBD, CBD infused honey can offer many cannabinoid health and wellness advantages when teamed together in this lovely 400 mg CBD honey concoction. These health and wellness benefits include:

  • Helps with sleep – CBD is a great sleep enhancer and is amazing as a sweet treat prior to bedtime especially at the end of a stressful day.  Users can also add the CBD infused honey to a piece of toast or your favorite caffeine free tea for a great night cap. We all know how important proper sleep can be for focus and production. This infused CBD honey will give you the calmness needed to finally settle in and get some much needed rest and regeneration.  
  • Nutritious – CBD infused honey is always a great nutritious sweetener or additive and offers many benefits to your health and wellness including an antioxidant and improved immunity. As many honey enthusiasts know, honey is truly an elixir. Whether it is to help with a sore throat or a boost to the immunity system, honey seems to help in many ways to improve our overall health and wellness.  
  • Helps boost your body’s endocannabinoid system - For those that did not know, everybody has an endocannabinoid system. Yes – that correct! Your body was made to receive and process cannabinoids. The cannabinoid CBD is great for your body’s endocannabinoid system offering a true boost to its receptors. A strong endocannabinoid system is great for overall health and wellness.  
  • Great source of relaxing energy and focus – With the energizing effects of the Oregon Wildflower Honey and the relaxing effects of organic CBD, this product offers the perfect balance of healthy energy and calmness. Having strong energy and relaxation allows for increased focus and drive to get those daily tasks done. Reaching for a spoonful of this great CBD product will definitely get things back in focus and put you back in the right mindset!
  • Helps Reduce Inflammation – CBD has seen many benefits when it comes to the reduction of inflammation in the body. Many of our older consumers have never felt better due to a daily regimen of CBD infused honey and other CBD products which allows them to sleep better contributing to an overall quality of life. Although aging may be apart of life, we can definitely make your days and nights a bit more comfortable with a steady regimen of Mission Lago Farms CBD Infused Honey.
  • Assists in the ease of anxiety – It seems as though everybody is feeling anxiety these days and is looking for some much needed relief. CBD is great for the reduction of anxiety as it offers euphoric and calming effects.  When feeling anxious, just reach for a spoonful of Mission Lago Farms CBD infused honey to bring yourself back down to earth for a moment of calm.  The CBD will give you the calming effects to refocus and leave that anxiety feeling behind allowing you to move forward in your day in a positive direction.

What are the effects of Mission Lago Farms CBD Infused Honey?

  • Relaxation – One of the greatest effects of CBD is how it can make you feel much more relaxed CBD is known for its’ calming relief. With just one spoonful, you will feel the full effects of this 400 mg CBD infused honey. 
  • Euphoria – Another effect of CBD is its’ euphoric effects. CBD can be a great mood enhancer and can help brighten and time of day. Enjoy the effects of this ray of sunshine in a bottle!
  • Calming energy and focus – With the slight energy boost of the honey and the calming effects of the CBD you may find yourself less distracted and more focused to get things done. CBD has a way of bringing relaxing clarity to any day or night while the honey provides a nice nutritional push. This CBD infused honey puts the best of both worlds in one jar for your full enjoyment.  

How to use Mission Lago Farms CBD Infused Honey?

Mission Lago Farms Oregon Wildflower CBD Honey can be used in any of the many ways traditional honey is used. The CBD infused honey can be added to your favorite beverage as a nutritional sweetener or even eaten straight out of the bottle as a satisfying energy booster. Many people even add Mission Lago Farms infused CBD honey to a piece of toast as snack to assist in relaxation or getting the day off to the right start. Any way you choose to use Mission Lago Farms Oregon Wildflower infused CBD honey, we know you will enjoy both its’ floral taste and its’ many benefits.

Where Can I find Mission Lago Farms CBD Infused Honey? 

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