Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures vs Broad Spectrum CBD Tinctures

Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures vs Broad Spectrum CBD Tinctures

Many people have questions regarding Full Spectrum Tinctures vs. Broad Spectrum Tinctures.  Although both are very beneficial to cannabinoid health and wellness, there are some key differences.  

Full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) and broad-spectrum CBD are two of the most commonly occurring types of CBD extracts found in the hemp plant. The main difference between the two relates to the presence of other naturally occurring cannabinoids within the tincture or product.

CBD is one of many naturally occurring compounds in the cannabis and hemp plant. In addition to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), this is the most abundant component of the plant. Other naturally occurring cannabinoids that are used in many tinctures are CBG and CBN.  All cannabis compounds are important when it comes to cannabinoid health and wellness.

The main difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD is the compounds they contain.

 If a CBD tincture contains several naturally occurring cannabis plant extracts, such as terpenes and other cannabinoids including up to 0.3% THC then it is considered a full-spectrum CBD tincture or product.  Mission Lago Farms’ offers several Full Spectrum tincture options.

Broad-spectrum CBD tinctures also contain several cannabis plant compounds including terpenes and cannabinoids, but it is typically entirely free of THC. Broad spectrum tinctures are a great option for those seeking cannabinoid health and wellness without the THC.  Mission Lago Farms’ offers a 1500 mg Broad Spectrum option to our customers.

Both forms of tinctures are effective forms of CBD products for cannabinoid health and wellness.  Also, both do not have psychoactive properties that need to be worried about. We know whatever Mission Lago Farms’ tincture you make, you will be happy with the anti-inflammatory, sleep enhancing and relaxing benefits that they offer our consumers.